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Born to Hunt is a targeted and defined brand for a market that represents a magnificent playground they wish to utilize as a whole.

With over 125 programs aired in French and English on various channels, conferences held throughout Quebec and a large following on social media, a partnership with Born to Hunt is a sure-fire way to succeed!

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Born to Hunt

01 - Visibility on all our platforms

Whether it’s the website you’re currently visiting or the team’s social media channels that have thousands of followers (over 22k), you’ll be offered creative content and great association ideas.

02 - Promoting your brand

Partnering with Born to Hunt means that the attention given to your brand is just as important as the strategies deployed to position the 4 hunters. If they’re talking about them, they’ll be talking about you.

03 - Presence on our productions

The various productions allow Born to Hunt’s partners to benefit from numerous opportunities during filming, whether it be for broadcasts, the web or social networking content. In addition, we broadcast in Quebec, Canada and the United States. (TVA Sports – Sportsman Channel Canada and USA)

04 - Identification on our visuals

Each collaboration is detailed with consideration for optimal visibility. Whether it’s on our television show productions, website visuals, presence at hunting and fishing shows, conferences or social networks, partnerships are sustainable and structured.

VisibilityUse our store to sell your products

For Born to Hunt, a partnership is a sign of lasting commitment and exceptional collaboration. For the team, creating and maintaining a loyal association allows for the preservation and sharing of a legacy. Making their promotional tools available to their collaborators is part of this philosophy.

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